Q. Can I use Biotab in a fogging machine?

A. Yes. Biotab can be used in fogging machines, pump sprayers, trigger spray bottles and mop buckets. In fact, it can be used in any vessel or container as needed.

Q. Do I need to wear protective clothing whilst using Biotab?

A. Yes. For fogging, it is recommended that you wear full PPE, in particular a face mask that is capable of filtering liquid vapours and particles, also protective eyewear, gloves and protective clothing suitable for a wet environment.

Q. Can Biotab be used on fabrics, sofas, curtains and bedding?

A. Yes. Biotab is safe to use on most materials and surfaces. However, like every disinfectant or cleaner, we recommend you conduct a test patch on a small, inconspicuous area, the first time you I use the product to ensure there are no adverse reactions, prior to using it on a regular basis. 

Q. Is Biotab safe to enter mains drainage systems and Septic Tanks?

A. Yes. Biotab is bio-degradable. It remains active for 24 hours, after which time it breaks down in to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Therefore, after 24 hours, it is harmless and can enter either mains or Septic Tank systems, without causing any issues.

Q. Can Biotab be used in kitchen or food areas?

A. Yes. Biotab is a food grade cleaner.

Q. Can Biotab be used in bathrooms?

A. Yes. Biotab can be used on all surfaces, you can also clean glass and mirrors with it, but it may require those surfaces to be polished afterwards to prevent streaks or residue.

Q. What Quantities can i purchase Biotab in?

A. Biotab can be supplied in a tub of 100 or 200 3 gram tablets.  Each tablet costs only 45p and one tablet provides a minimum of 1 litre of highly effective disinfectant cleaner - 45p for 1 litre!

Q. What is the dilution rate for Biotab?

A. We supply a dilution guide with every purchase, however, the recommended PPM for sanitising in the current climate is 500 PPM, or one tablet in one litre of warm water.

Q. How do I dissolve a tablet properly?

A. Pour one litre of warm tap water in to a mixing jug. 30-40 degrees Celsius is the optimum temperature (for safety), but it doesn’t have to be exact. Hot water helps the tablet dissolve quicker, it also aids the disinfection process. The tablet will start to dissolve in the warm water and the water starts to turn a purple colour. This shows that the tablet is dissolving but the solution is not ready for use. Using a spoon, or other utensil, to mix the solution will help the tablet dissolve quicker. After approximately 5 minutes, the purple colour will start to fade to a translucent pink colour and the tablet should be dissolved. The pink colour indicates that the solution is fully mixed and can now be used for cleaning and disinfecting. 

Q. How bright or strong should the colours be?

A. You will notice the initial colour change in the water from clear to purple. After 4-6 minutes, the purple fades to pink colour. The pink colour is less noticeable, it is translucent and faint. This is deliberate, since too much dye in the product would present a risk of dying fabrics and other materials whilst using it to clean and disinfect. It is intended solely as an indicator of when the product is ready to use. To see the expected colour changes, watch the video below.

Q. How do I know when the product is ready to be discarded?

After 1-2 hours the pink colour will have faded to its maximum point and the product will retain a very faint pink tinge for the remaining 22 hours. You will also notice that the product has a faint odour. Around 24 hours after the product is first mixed, it will completely lose its colour and there will be no smell. It will effectively have returned to water again. At this point, the product can safely be disposed of in to either a mains or septic tank system. 

Q. I placed a tablet in water but I didn’t notice any change?

A. Make sure you have followed the instructions above. A tablet will take longer to dissolve in cold water over warm water. The colour change takes place very quickly, i.e. - in the first few minutes. It is easier to see this change take place if you mix the product in a see through mixing jug against a light background. If you miss the colour change taking place, it’s very easy to think that the solution is colourless, since the end pink colour is very faint.

Q. How else can I tell if the product is still active?

A. The odour. Whilst the product is active, it will have a faint detectable odour.

Q. If I can’t see a colour, but its less than 24 hours after I mixed the tablet, does this mean the solution won’t work or that it’s defective?

A. No. The active ingredients in the tablet are mixed first and the marker dye is added last during the production process. In the unlikely event that the dye isn’t added correctly, the active ingredients in the tablet are still present, so even if a tablet produced a colourless solution, it would still be active for 24 hours as a disinfectant.